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January, 2016

For some operations managers, Transport Canada has accepted our SMS course as meeting the requirement for the Canadian Aviation Safety Officer (CASO) course.

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Dueck Aviation is now accepting payment via credit card and PayPal.

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Our Training Services

CARs Human Factors TrainingDueck Aviation offers a traditional 2 day human factors workshop course, and a traditional reduced 1 day course that will involve some level of workshop discussion. The training requirements for human factors in CAR Standard 573.06(3) are the same whether it is for initial
training or for update training.

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CARs Regulatory TrainingCARs training courses, delivered individually or combined where appropriate, vary for different segments of the industry. All of them are studies of the rules themselves to ensure that none of the training is based on a personal perception of rules (or absence of rules) that are understood to exist (as seems to so often be the case), or on “interpretation”.

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Quality Assurance Training Discontinued as of March 2012