Human Factors Training
(HPIAM, also known as Human Performance in Aviation Maintenance)

Dueck Aviation offers a traditional 2 day Human Factors workshop course, and a traditional reduced 1 day course that will involve some level of workshop discussion. The training requirements for human factors in CAR Standard 573.06(3) are the same whether it is for initial training or for update training. In other words, the distinction between initial and update training is not
based on course content or length, but on the training needs that have been identified for the personnel, which can then affect course content and length.

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Date Location Venue Price*

* Price shown for advance registration (21 days in advance) / or late registration (20 days or less). Prices do not include applicable GST/HST.

All courses are available for “in-house” delivery upon request
by individual companies, or can be organized and sponsored by Dueck Aviation upon request by a group of companies or individuals in a particular location. Posted fees are subject to change.

Initial workshop course duration based on traditional industry expectations: 2 days

Reduced or custom-developed update and/or initial training duration: 1 day

"In-House" Course Fees:

  • 1 day courses - $255.00 per person
  • 2 day courses - $370.00 per person
  • 3 day courses - $450.00 per person
  • 4 day courses - $525.00 per person
  • PRM, PRMC, QA manager, etc. tutorial training - $1080 per day
  • Regulatory Assistance (consulting) - $130 per hour
  • Human Factors training issues investigation - $1080 per day

General "In-House" Course Information:

  • Course fees are based on training conducted at a customer-supplied facility. Contact Dueck Aviation for pricing regarding our sponsored training at a public venue.
  • Minimum course charge is for 10 persons when there are less than 10 participants.
  • The certificate manager (“prmc”, “prm”, etc.) will receive a confidential written report of the issues discovered during a Human Factors issues investigation process.
  • Hosting of a course that is open to other individuals on Dueck Aviation’s contact list for the area is welcomed, but is at the discretion of the hosting organization. Any additional hosting fees charged by the hosting organization would be applied to the
    external registrants. Dave Dueck welcomes organization’s to invite their TC principle inspector to attend company-hosted training.
  • Dueck Aviation handles external registrations and billing unless otherwise desired by the hosting organization.
  • Applicable transportation and other travel fees are applied as follows:
    • Air transportation: based on suitable available economy airfare plus applicable airfare taxes
    • Vehicle rental: based on suitable available economy rates
    • Lodging, meals, and travel time - per diem charge inclusive: flat fee of $200.00 per night
  • All fees are subject to either GST or HST as applicable.