About Us

Dueck Aviation publishes Dave’s instructional book “Aircraft Regulations Simplified” explaining all regulatory matters pertaining to the aircraft itself, addressing requirements for designing, manufacturing, operating, and maintaining, including organizational management systems. Dave provides training and assistance for individuals as well as for organizations in all of these areas including their Safety Management Systems. Dave continues to also assist individuals and organizations to correctly understand the often confused distinctions between an aircraft operator’s responsibilities of maintenance control and a maintainer’s responsibilities, as well as between maintenance technicians and Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

Dave has provided his services throughout the industry, maintaining a client base from the airline level including Canada’s largest airline, through to “mom and pop” organizations.

Dave Dueck has been instructing Canadian aviation regulations since 1979, through its evolutionary development from rigid prescriptive rules, followed by the requirements for management systems involving organizational policies and procedures, to the latest safety management systems.

Dave is a standing member of the Canadian Aviation Regulations Advisory Council, as the only trainer to experience the discussions and eventual acceptance by industry representatives of the unique Canadian aviation model of safety management, replacing the previous concept of having a safety officer. Dave provides a 30 step “how to” process for establishing and conducting safety management to meet the CARs requirements in an effective productive manner.

Dave Dueck has experience as:

  • an owner of a type-certified aircraft
  • a private pilot
  • an M1 and M2 licenced aircraft maintenance engineer with experience on both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft
  • a maintenance instructor of both technical and regulatory subjects
  • an independent maintenance auditor for aircraft operators and AMO's